Partial Affection

Quivering, baffling, and Numb.
You grew your footsteps towards me.
And cuddled me from behind.
Vicious thoughts running inside my nerves waiting for you to proceed and you begin with a deep breath on my neck while holding me close and uttered slowly,
“I cannot do this anymore”
That’s how it was going to be.
Just one last time you wanted to share my body with you. Which will erase your trace with every move you make on my skin and left me void.
This time.
I wouldn’t call it making love.
This time
You are making yourself feel loved with my grudging emotions. Maybe.
And after your huff and puff
Then when you snatched your clothes and walked away from the room, shutting the door.
Left me to feel smothered within myself,
Withering inside.
Leering at the door, pricking up my ears to your trudging footsteps.
I was lying prostrate on the bed, covered with a white sheet.
Once again…!
Figuring out the essence of Love inside one’s appetite.
Inferring nowhere

I smiled and secured my eyes.